I have had the opportunity to read 6 books authored by Andrea Freeman.

As I reflect on them, I am amazed by the wealth of knowledge and inspiration I have gained.  There is  tools for living productively, steps on how to obtain your goals, Biblical principles, self examination, and so much more contained in her books.

The  books I have read are entitled: Think up and Go Up!, Irritated to Greatness -Let your Mess Become Your Message; Blend Out To Stand Out -Shifting from Average to Awesome; 30 days of Instant Inspiration, How We Made It Over, and my favorite, NO BARRIERS, NO LIMITS

The reason it’s my favorite is because it propelled me to move forward in confidence towards what is ordained for my life.  I was so inspired that I purchased several copies for a group of ladies who I was mentoring regarding social development.  These ladies were in diverse situations and needed direction on how to transition to their next steps in life and No Barriers, No Limits helped them.

Ms. Andrea has done an excellent job in writing all her books. I believe anyone who reads them will benefit greatly.

Thank you so much Ms. Andrea for sharing. Your books have truly added to my life.

Marcia Gethers

Author & Inspirational Orator

I remember sitting home depressed and frustrated about so many things. I couldn’t believe the turn my life had taken. Having a wonderful pity party until I started reading Irritated to Greatness by my very dear friend Andrea Freeman. I almost thought for a moment that she specifically wrote this book for me. Every page and every word was exactly what I needed. This book will uplift, encourage and inspire you to be better and do better. If you’re not Irritated with your circumstances now, I guarantee you will be after reading this book. If you think you have it all together and you’re doing your best this book will clearly let you know you’re doing the bare minimal and there is so much more within you. I challenge you to Read Irritated to Greatness so that you can be a better you! Its time to walk in your Greatness! Its time to get IRRITATED! THANK YOU ANDREA FREEMEN FOR HELPING ME TO GET IRRITATED!

Chantelle Coleman

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Snatch Back Your Personal Power: This book delivers what I’ve learned to love about Andrea’s books, messages and life principles; easy to read, understand, and implement. Each chapter includes practical advice for increasing your personal power. The author ends each chapter with thought provoking questions that requires the reader to self reflect and ultimately moves the reader to action! We each have unlimited power. Snatch yours back, now! Thank you Andrea for this powerful resource.

Tamlyn Franklin

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Snatch Back Your Personal Power: Life gives you what you need at the time you need; it cannot be rushed or prolonged. The material covered blessed my life because it changed the way I looked at life. The impact of the words changed my life! This book is the blessing so get blessed by reading it, studying it, and applying the gems!

Madrice Guy

CEO- Blue Eye Technology

Snatch Back Your Personal Power: This is just one of the many books written by Ms. Freeman, that I have. She is such a positive inspiration and gives such encouragement through her writing. There is no better way to start your day then by reading her books. I have not been disappointed yet!!!. Her delivery, the way her product it packaged is very professionally done with a quick turn around. I suggest you not only read Snatch Back but check out the others that she has written. You will be glad you did!!!

Yolanda Malloy

Human Resource Administrator- Morgan State University